Beyond Black and White: Introducing Our Zebra Spectrum Collection

Beyond Black and White: Introducing Our Zebra Spectrum Collection

Dear Community of Art Lovers and Advocates,

We at Unfocussed are proud and humbled to introduce a collection that transcends art and enters the realm of awareness and advocacy: the Zebra Spectrum Collection. This compelling series of images takes the zebra, the official symbol of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and reimagines it as a vibrant canvas for abstract art. Each piece serves as a poignant representation of the diversity and complexity of EDS, a condition that, like the unique patterns of a zebra’s coat, manifests distinctly in each individual affected.

A Canvas of Strength and Diversity

The Zebra Spectrum Collection is more than just art; it’s a movement. Through the use of bold colors, surreal compositions, and imaginative shapes and textures, each artwork tells a story of variation, resilience, and beauty. Moving beyond the classic black and white stripes, our zebras are depicted in an array of colors and patterns, symbolizing the myriad ways EDS impacts the lives of those it touches.

This collection aims to do more than decorate spaces; it seeks to illuminate the unseen struggles of those living with chronic illnesses, promoting understanding and empathy. It serves as a visual metaphor for the beauty in diversity and the strength found in the face of adversity.

Art with Purpose

Each piece in the Zebra Spectrum Collection is an invitation to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit and the complexities of our bodies. It is a call to action—to learn about, support, and advocate for those living with EDS and other less visible conditions. By bringing these zebras into your space, you are not only embracing unique art but also joining a community committed to raising awareness and fostering a deeper understanding of these experiences.

Celebrate Unseen Warriors

We invite you to explore the Zebra Spectrum Collection and find a piece that speaks to you—not just as art, but as a symbol of solidarity and support for those living with EDS. Visit The Zebra Spectrum and choose an artwork that resonates with your commitment to awareness, empathy, and advocacy.

By incorporating a piece from the Zebra Spectrum into your life, you’re contributing to a larger conversation and shining a light on the diverse experiences of individuals around the world. This is your opportunity to own art that speaks, art that matters, and art that makes a difference.

Join Us in Spreading Awareness

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, varied world of the Zebra Spectrum Collection. Let’s celebrate the beauty and resilience of every individual affected by EDS and related conditions. Share your chosen piece with friends, family, and on social media, and help us spread the word about this important cause.


PS: Your support makes all the difference. Together, we can change perceptions, foster understanding, and create a more compassionate world, one artwork at a time. Thank you for standing with us and the EDS community.

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